The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas Youth, Young Adult, & Campus Ministry is to gather, equip, and send disciples of Jesus Christ to witness to God’s reconciling love.

We strive to accomplish this mission by providing quality programs and events that are biblically based for the entire diocese. Events and programs are designed for young people to experience opportunities in Evangelism, Spiritual Formation, Christian Leadership, Mission, Fellowship, Scripture, Discernment, and the Episcopal Church. 

If you have questions regarding the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas Youth, Young Adult, or Campus Ministry Programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We exist to serve the parishes of the diocese and we are eager to do so. 

We are happy to visit your parish to talk about diocesan youth, young adult or campus ministry programs, help connect people to resources and curriculum, provide training for new youth ministers or volunteers or meet with youth, young people and leaders about local programs.

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